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– Welcome to Tuan and his team FileString FC. They have already registered all their players with ID and signed waivers. They are all set.


– Hung went through last years finances and our projections for next season.
– Every team has paid registration and all fines are also paid.
– It was VOTED that the SIFL would contribute 100k per player for the SIFL 7’s Cup and we suggest that Game On would provide Vouchers for better organisation.
– NEW PLAYERS late registration fee was agreed on 100k ( after 22nd September )


– Reporters confirmed their participation until 1st half of the season.
– They will film the matches and provide video highlights every week.


– Teams MUST adhere to the fixtures.
– Postponing games IS ALLOWED so long as it is agreed by BOTH TEAMS and done more than a week in advance.
– 2 postponements are still allowed per season
– Teams can deny postponements any time.
– Substitutes limit is 7 players ( so a team for each SIFL game must be 18 in total )
– 4 Yellow cards = 1 GAME BAN – this must be reported by sending this to the group with the players FULL NAME and the GAME he will miss due to suspension
– Any fighting bans must be discussed and viewed by the League Committee in order to assess the number of games ban rather than having a written precedent – ANY FIGHTS MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE LEAGUE COMMITTEE IMMEDIATELY
– Updated RULES doc. will be uploaded to the website soon.


– ALL TEAMS have access to the website and are comfortable UPDATING their TEAM and STATS: players names, pictures and shirt numbers along with mvp, goals, assists, yellow and red cards.
– It was VOTED that if teams have NOT updated their stats on the website by WEDNESDAY MIGHTNIGHT a 500k VND fine would be applied
– If this offence happens 3 times in a season said team will be DOCKED 1 POINT
– Man Of The Match must also be done by VOTING for an opponents player whom you think deserves that accolade
– For the SIFL 7’S CUP on Saturday – you MUST assign your players to the correct team ( either A or B )
– Total number of players was agreed to be 12 ( ONLY 10 PER GAME )


– Mark ( Sporting Rep.) did an excellent job with the fixtures and all teams must email him the dates they KNOW they are not available
– The league will contact CVA in regards to making sure we have TWO slots back to back on SATURDAY and SUNDAY


– With the gentle hum of the Champions League theme going around the table – the 9 ( yes, 9! ) teams were drawn out of a pot ( tissue holder ) to decide who would play who
– It was agreed that the games would be STRAIGHT KNOCKOUT FIXTURES.
– If the games are tied at the end of regular time – STRAIGHT TO PENALTIES.
– it was also agreed to have the CUP FINAL as the last game of the season.

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