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18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
RMIT - Grass - Quan 7

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Thu Duc Uni - Thu Duc

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Thu Duc Uni - Thu Duc

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
RMIT - Grass - Quan 7





18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
RMIT - Grass - Quan 7

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
RMIT - Grass - Quan 7

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Thu Duc Uni - Thu Duc

18-19 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Thu Duc Uni - Thu Duc


SIFL 7s Cup Report

Dear SIFL,

Just a short word on the SIFL 7 a side Cup that took place on Saturday. 

Firstly – a big thank you to all of the people and organisations that helped get everything in place. Hung, Leo and Mark – thank you for all your assistance leading up to and on the day of the cup. Would also like to thank WeSport Zone for all their help with the pitch and all the drinks, as well as organising the referees. A HUGE thank you to PastaBox who ( at the last minute! ) swooped into Chu Van An with 140 portions of pasta and salad to keep the players energised and satisfied! 

By all accounts, I sincerely hope all the players, managers and supporters enjoyed the festival of football the SIFL teams put on show. 

Congratulations to Sporting FC who won both the Spoon and Plate Competition. And a huge ( totally non-biased ) round of applause for Saigon Raiders bringing home the Tournament Cup. 

Special mention to Nam An, who came Cup runners-up, and not only had to play each other in the semi finals but also did the SIFL a huge favour in providing 5 players for the SIFL Mix Team. We didn’t win any games but we didn’t embarrass ourselves either! 

Thanks to everyone involved with the SIFL and here’s to an enjoyable upcoming league season! 






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Match Day 11 Report: Raiders 1 vs 0 Hotshots

We put out a strong line-up and it was great to see Collin Owens making his long-awaited return from suspension. Clearly his ability to push himself to the limit, (he played until he vomited in the friendly last weekend) impressed his namesake Coach Colin enough to give him the nod to start the game alongside Olly, Daniel Vo and Pete at the back. Note to all Raiders, if you puke after 3 minutes of a game, you are guaranteed to start the next one.

After a lot of chatter about individuals prior to kick off The Raiders were relieved to find that one of Hotshot’s main men was absent for the big game leaving a lot of pressure on their player-coach Fantastic Mr. Fox. After plenty of excellent defensive work, we were able to limit him to a fox-in-the-box performance which was as fruitful as the Franny Jeffers in his Arsenal days. His frustration boiled over after the Wonder Goal by Wouter ™, as Foxy decided that the best way to respond was to launch a tame effort at Mirko directly from kick off, needless to say it didn’t trouble our very own Gigi Buffon.

Unfortunately, we were unable to provide either Bao or Wouter had any clear chances in the game, but it turns out Wouter doesn’t need clear chances, he likes to do things the hard way and he provided the only real highlight of this tightly fought affair. The buildup to this goal in the closing stages of the game was just as majestic as the finish. Finding myself a little out of position at left-back I spotted the Dutchman making a diagonal run and I launched a pinpoint pass into his path, immediately he was bounding after it like a dog chasing a bone or Joe chasing the last few cupcakes at the buffet.

To the untrained eye what he did next was stupendous and brilliant but to anyone who knows our gangly striker, I think he was absolutely knackered and just booted it, a true hit-and-hope job. Nevertheless, it flew over the keeper and straight into the top-left corner, superb. Wouter likened his goal to this one below by Jamie Vardy and who knows, maybe he can go on to score in eleven consecutive games too.

Why am I writing this match report? It was all down to one crap touch which bounced off my shin and out for a throw but if that’s the best (worst) we can come up with then everyone must have had a pretty solid day at the office. However, in my eyes the true turkey moment was Mic’s pathetic dive in the second half which he fecked up worse than this German diver at the Olympics.

Now Mic, if you’re going play the midfield hardman, you can’t be diving around like Arjen Robben, leave that to Olly. I imagine your friends from your Gaelic footy days wouldn’t be too impressed with that kind of behavior.

Speaking of diving, one of the Hotshots boys also gave this a go, producing a pathetic effort which led to Pat laughing as loud as humanly possible. I think this was some kind of primal scream which he has been developing in order to intimidate opponents as clearly his beard experiment isn’t working. Nevertheless, the referee was having none of it and the intimidation worked, said player getting subbed off moments later after a bit of a strop.

We managed to see out the last few minutes and after an onslaught of corners the ref finally blew the whistle, we’d done it! Hotshots were no longer unbeaten, and the 1-0 was a just reward for a night of hard work.

As Olly said, it sucks for those guys who got so few minutes on Friday but the season is long and we’ve got the Japanese to beat this weekend, so keep on battling and you’ll get your chances.

Lastly, I think I speak for everyone when I say thanks to the guys who organised the Christmas Party, it was a great night and a big shout out to Craig who was a superb compère. I’d also like to apologise for any mistakes I made on Saturday night, apparently I was a bit of a mess. At least I didn’t get the shits from the buffet. Every cloud eh?

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16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Chu Van An - Turf - Binh Thanh

16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Chu Van An - Turf - Binh Thanh

16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Tao Dan - Turf - D1

16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Ky Hoa 2 - Turf - D10

16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
Thu Duc Sports Uni

16-17 - Saigon 11s - League
11s - Chu Van An - Turf - Binh Thanh


Match Day 7 Report: Saints 1 – 0 Fighting Cocks

By Rory Harty (Saigon Saints)

With analysis from Trev and Nige


“Nige, let’s start of by Congratulating the Saints on a fantastic week and before we get into the football can I give a special mention to Davey Crawford and Jamie Re who have put in notable performances both on and off the pitch to ensure this fantastic club remains held in high regard.”

“I couldn’t agree more Trev, seeing Dave and Jamie de-throne the two-time Champions Andrew Humphreys and My James Johnson in the annual Game On Ironman was a special moment for all those affiliated with the club. Who better to talk us through the moment than David Crawford who I believe is on the line now:”

“Hi Dave, thanks for taking time out to speak to us this afternoon, I know you have a game this evening so this is very much appreciated.”

“Anaw Trev, Wha a week, ah wiz like Andy yah talking oot yer fanny flaps if yah think yah beatin me on Saturday. I musta goi-in the knapdarlochs napper because he put up a pure scunnurt effort.”

“Thanks Dave, take from that what you will listeners, anything else to ask Trev?”

“Did they raise the Russian or Hong Kong Flag Dave, anyone you would like to thank?”


“Well Nige, winners on and off the pitch it would seem, let’s take a look at last week’s match”

“Where to begin Trev, the Saints lined up against a very strong Fighting Cocks squad under the spotlights at Chu Van An, a game in which the Fighting Cocks were strong favourites having extended their unbeaten run to five games on the trot. It seems there was drama before the game had even begun with unconfirmed reports of Sean Boyle throwing up a bottle of wine in the pre-match warm up (and conceding zero goals thereafter -editor), James Teague feeling worse for wear and Aidan McNally

“Let me interrupt you there Nige, now it’s my understanding that the Irish contingent attended an evening with a group of Irish dignitaries before setting off to the game and a man was left behind?”

“I wouldn’t say left Trev, one can only imagine what was going through his head when he put country before club. The tabloids have suggested he was holding out for a potato-fuelled orgy party, but regardless he didn’t make it to the game and we can only imagine how the news was received by the Gaffa, Simon Finnigan.”

“The Saints started the game with a very high intensity with no ball going uncontested and the usual high press in full swing, it was clear to see that the Fighting Cocks soon realised they would have a game on their hands. Despite a couple of soft yellows for the Saints the first half came to an end with no goals being scored and the spoils even at 0-0”

“Sounds like a terrible game Nige, I hope it got better”

“On to the second half Trev – I’m not sure what Finnigan is keeping in that cooler but the boys were fired up and ready to put Fighting Cocks to the sword. It was majestic. We did receive word that the Gaffa had put James Teague onto set pieces in lieu of Andy Smith who has firmly been wrapped in cotton wool in preparation for a half-marathon”

“No commitment, Nige”

“Trev, Couldn’t agree more”

“65 minutes in an the Ultras were starting to get impatient when the Cocks gave a foul away around 45 yards out, to the right hand side. James Teague whipped an in-swinging ball into the box which cleared the men at the front post, sailed past the men in the middle and was met by an ever rising Rory Harty at the back post who put the ball firmly into the back of the net. Chaos ensued. Despite putting the keeper and a Cock’s defender on their backs when challenging for the ball the goal stood.”

“A great first goal for the Striker in a Saints shirt, really happy to see him on the score sheet and a great assist from James Teague from following Gaffa’s orders”

“At 1-0 down the Cocks began to get frustrated, although it was the Saints who had managed to accumulate 5 yellow cards by this point.”

“And the sending off Trev?”

“Not yet Nige, hold on. Before we get to the sending off we have to take a look at another match winning moment. The Fighting Cocks No. 9, managed to put himself on the end of a through ball and was steaming towards the goal when out of nowhere Davey Crawford produced something of the like not often seen in the SIFL League”

“He fouled him Trev? We see a lot of that”

“Nige, replays show the challenge was clean, Dave produced one of the finest last ditch sliding tackles we have seen at Chu Van An. Spring, two feet off the floor, left foot under right leg, right leg clean through ball, rest of body clean through the FCFC player, forcing him into stands in a rolling heap of debris. The Saints looked anxiously at the ref who immediately pointed at the corner flag. That was a moment Nige, the lads celebrated it like a goal. 2-0 in my eyes.”

“To the sending off – John Norfolk, in usual fashion, had been juggernauting around all afternoon and this was no different. Norfolk collided with a Fighting Cock at the halfway line and some are saying he deliberately left a boot in the melee, which made contact with the poor lads nose. Much to the crowd’s horror, said Fighting Cock, responded with a very half hearted right hook to the rear of Norfolk’s shoulder. Handbags really, however reds were presented and both teams were reduced to ten men.” (Both unwarranted red cards have been rescinded – Editor)

“After a hard-fought final 10 minutes the Saints rallied to take all three points back to Game On and nailed Fighting Cock’s bleeding scalp above the bar.”

“And Man of the Match? Must have been difficult on a night like this?”

“Not really Trev, the Saints were playing top of the league who had gone five games unbeaten, they won 1-0 with a clean sheet. Man of the Match went to Ben Hulbert although he didn’t get a mention up until now that’s what we like about Ben. Not all heroes wear capes. He put in a solid defensive display, didn’t put a foot wrong and led the team from back to front. That’s what captains do.”

“And the Vice Captain?”

“Sorry Trev, we are out of time for today”

“Okay Nige, don’t forget to tune in on Friday folks when the Saints return to Chu Van An to take on Hotshots at 9pm. I’m predicting the Saints march onto a 2-0 victory.”


Match Day 6 Report: OS 2 vs 3 FCFC

Không quan trọng việc bạn đánh mạnh như thế nào bằng việc bạn đã bị đấm nhưng vẫn tiếp tục chiến đấu. Việc bạn có thế gượng dậy và tiến về phía trước, đó là cách đi đến chiến thắng!’ Rocky Balboa 2006.

Như 1 cuốn phim, trận đấu giữa FCFC và Olympic diễn ra đúng như truyền thống: nhanh, đẹp, hấp dẫn và nhiều bàn thắng. Tuy nhiên, khác với các lần trước, trận đấu lần này kết thúc với 3 điểm thuộc về chúng ta.

OL năm nay không được mạnh mẽ như các mùa trước khi chỉ đứng ở giữa bảng xếp hạng nhưng nó không có ý nghĩa gì khi họ gặp FCFC. Có thể nói OL là đối thủ kỵ rơ của FCFC khi chúng ta luôn nhận kết quả khá bết bát khi gặp họ trong 2 năm gần đây. Kịch bản cũng có vẻ được lập lại khi liên tục những cơ hội được FCFC tạo ra nhưng không được tận dụng. Và rất bất ngờ, OL vượt lên dẫn trước trong 1 tình huống đánh đầu phản lưới nhà. Sau đó, FCFC lại nhận 1 quả đấm thứ 2 khi bị phản công nhanh sau tình huống lộn xộn ở giữa sân. Những tưởng FCFC sẽ vỡ trận và nhận trận thua đầu tiên của mùa giải, nhưng không, chúng ta có 1 vài điều chỉnh thích hợp khi Quân và Đạt được tung vào sân và trong vòng 5′, Đạt đã có bàn thắng quý như vàng mang lại niềm tin mãnh liệt cho 1 cuộc lội ngược dòng từ FCFC. Trận đấu được đưa về thế cân bằng 10′ sau đó khi Ben lãnh 1 cú sút thẳng vào mặt và mang lại 1 quả phạt đền cho đội. Nhã ngay lập tức xung phong nhận trách nhiệm và hoàn thành xuất sắc trọng trách ấy.

Hiêp 2 chứng tỏ sự vượt trội về thể lực của FCFC khi liên tục dồn ép đội bạn về phần sân của mình. Trừ những quả phản công nhanh dựa vào sự xuất sắc của Mr Việt, OL hầu như không có cơ hội xuyên phá hàng thủ được tổ chức khá chặc chẽ của FCFC. Trong vô số các tình huống uy hiếp được tạo ra, chúng ta cũng có 1 bàn thắng cực kỳ đẹp mắt, xuất phát từ đường chuyền vượt tuyến của Tâm cho Nhã.

OL 2 – FCFC 3

Match Report Day 3 | Olympique De Saigon 1 vs 3 Saigon Hotshots

Olympique De Saigon 1 vs 3 Saigon Hotshots
Olympique De Saigon 1 vs 3 Saigon Hotshots

The backdrop of Phuoc Long A was the setting for Hotshots versus Olympique De Saigon.

Both teams started strongly, testing each others positions, both pressing and when the opportunity arisen both playing on the counter and attempting to press and hold high in the final third.

This game looked like it was going to be won in the middle of the park and both teams attempted to play the ball wide and penetrate through the channels.

Olympique De Saigon more than held their own for long spells of the first half and were clearly a team that also wanted to win this game badly. However, it was Saigon Hotshots that opened the scoring 32 minutes into the game, with a deflected cross from Benoit to the on rushing outside of the foot from Etienne, who finished with great calm and composure to knock the ball past the keeper and into the net.  This was his first goal in his first match and a huge turning point in the match. Olympique De Saigon gave it a last push before half time but Hotshots were able to soak up the pressure, then attack on the counter.

The second half kicked off with the knowing knowledge that Olympique De Saigon would give all they could in the starting five minutes of the second half. With a free kick given with only two minutes of the second half played, the ball was whipped in from the right wing to be met by an Olympique De Saigon player Viet Luu, to knock it past the keeper, leaving the backline to look at each other in dismay.

The spirit and camaraderie of Hotshots again came to the forefront. The tireless workhorses going up and down the channels not only provided options and relief to the back line, but also attacking options going forward for the Hotshots. Olympique De Saigon back line began to tire as Hotshots pressed and with no option of substitutions, this was going to be a huge problem for Olympique De Saigon . Fifteen minutes into the second half, after a goal mouth scramble, the ball broke outside the box to the onrushing Kevin Fox, who hit it low and hard off the inside of the right post and into the net. With wave after wave of attack the Olympique De Saigon goalmouth was then laid to siege and after an inch perfect pass from Simone to Clem, Clem raced through and with an outstretched leg managed to poke the ball past the goalkeeper and with joy the whole team watched the ball roll into Olympique De Saigon’s empty net. With twenty minutes still left to play, only some fine saved from the Olympique De Saigon goalkeeper kept the score down, while at the other end Chris Harris had little or nothing to do.

The fulltime whistle blew, with 5 minutes of injury time played. Olympique De Saigon will be a difficult opponent this season and have a lot more to offer in the following weeks. Hotshots roll onto next week with 100% record intact.

Richard Harcus Coach
Richard Harcus Coach

Match Report: YBA 4 vs 5 FCFC

Match Report | #1 | YBA 4 - 5 FCFC

Goal feast for SIFL fans at Tao Dan stadium.

Saigon International Football League started with a bang by a 9-goal thriller between Young Businessmen Association and Fighting Cocks FC at Tao Dan stadium.

4pm, Fighting Cocks FC kicked off with 9 players due to some game specialists who were busy catching pokemons at Tao Dao Park. After 10 min, FCFC players arrived, releasing FCFC’s defence out of YBA’s penalty box seige.

Newbie YBA, starting with a fearsome attacking force with many recent transfers from champion SEA Collection, grabbed 2 early goal against an ill-prepared FCFC. FCFC soon rallied a goal back from a corner but YBA’s striker headed a third goal after some neat counter-attacking play. The score at half time is YBA 3 – 1 FCFC.

In the 2nd half, FCFC pressed high while YBA sat back and defended their lead. FCFC right winger reduced the deficit by a good strike from distant. YBA then restored their 2 goals lead when their man of the match broke the offside trap, rounded FC gk and walked the ball to the net. 4-2

As both teams chose to play their own tactics, FCFC scored another 3 goals in succession. It could be very different if YBA had scored from their series of chances from counter attacking play. Final score Young Businessmen Association 4-5 Fighting Cocks FC.

Overall, game was played in good sportsmanship. The luckier team won and we all expect an interesting season ahead.