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SIFL 7s Cup Report

Dear SIFL,

Just a short word on the SIFL 7 a side Cup that took place on Saturday. 

Firstly – a big thank you to all of the people and organisations that helped get everything in place. Hung, Leo and Mark – thank you for all your assistance leading up to and on the day of the cup. Would also like to thank WeSport Zone for all their help with the pitch and all the drinks, as well as organising the referees. A HUGE thank you to PastaBox who ( at the last minute! ) swooped into Chu Van An with 140 portions of pasta and salad to keep the players energised and satisfied! 

By all accounts, I sincerely hope all the players, managers and supporters enjoyed the festival of football the SIFL teams put on show. 

Congratulations to Sporting FC who won both the Spoon and Plate Competition. And a huge ( totally non-biased ) round of applause for Saigon Raiders bringing home the Tournament Cup. 

Special mention to Nam An, who came Cup runners-up, and not only had to play each other in the semi finals but also did the SIFL a huge favour in providing 5 players for the SIFL Mix Team. We didn’t win any games but we didn’t embarrass ourselves either! 

Thanks to everyone involved with the SIFL and here’s to an enjoyable upcoming league season! 




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SIFL Meeting Minutes | Breaking News!


– Welcome to Tuan and his team FileString FC. They have already registered all their players with ID and signed waivers. They are all set.


– Hung went through last years finances and our projections for next season.
– Every team has paid registration and all fines are also paid.
– It was VOTED that the SIFL would contribute 100k per player for the SIFL 7’s Cup and we suggest that Game On would provide Vouchers for better organisation.
– NEW PLAYERS late registration fee was agreed on 100k ( after 22nd September )


– Reporters confirmed their participation until 1st half of the season.
– They will film the matches and provide video highlights every week.


– Teams MUST adhere to the fixtures.
– Postponing games IS ALLOWED so long as it is agreed by BOTH TEAMS and done more than a week in advance.
– 2 postponements are still allowed per season
– Teams can deny postponements any time.
– Substitutes limit is 7 players ( so a team for each SIFL game must be 18 in total )
– 4 Yellow cards = 1 GAME BAN – this must be reported by sending this to the group with the players FULL NAME and the GAME he will miss due to suspension
– Any fighting bans must be discussed and viewed by the League Committee in order to assess the number of games ban rather than having a written precedent – ANY FIGHTS MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE LEAGUE COMMITTEE IMMEDIATELY
– Updated RULES doc. will be uploaded to the website soon.


– ALL TEAMS have access to the website and are comfortable UPDATING their TEAM and STATS: players names, pictures and shirt numbers along with mvp, goals, assists, yellow and red cards.
– It was VOTED that if teams have NOT updated their stats on the website by WEDNESDAY MIGHTNIGHT a 500k VND fine would be applied
– If this offence happens 3 times in a season said team will be DOCKED 1 POINT
– Man Of The Match must also be done by VOTING for an opponents player whom you think deserves that accolade
– For the SIFL 7’S CUP on Saturday – you MUST assign your players to the correct team ( either A or B )
– Total number of players was agreed to be 12 ( ONLY 10 PER GAME )


– Mark ( Sporting Rep.) did an excellent job with the fixtures and all teams must email him the dates they KNOW they are not available
– The league will contact CVA in regards to making sure we have TWO slots back to back on SATURDAY and SUNDAY


– With the gentle hum of the Champions League theme going around the table – the 9 ( yes, 9! ) teams were drawn out of a pot ( tissue holder ) to decide who would play who
– It was agreed that the games would be STRAIGHT KNOCKOUT FIXTURES.
– If the games are tied at the end of regular time – STRAIGHT TO PENALTIES.
– it was also agreed to have the CUP FINAL as the last game of the season.

Best regards

SIF Chairman @Luke
+84 1 222 6464 02

SIFL Meeting Minutes | Pre Season News!

Many thanks for your attendance and contribution to last night’s SIFL meeting. 






| Sporting Saigon | Saigon Saints | Saigon Raiders | Olympique Saigon |
| Nam An FC | Japan FC | Saigon Hotshots | Fighting Cocks FC |


It was agreed that we would continue to look for additional teams for this season, provided they would commit and were of a similar quality to other teams in the league. 

It was also suggested that the teams who have dropped out be asked if they would create a 2nd League ( affiliated to the SIFL ) as a way to keep them interested and to hopefully bring them back into the fold if and when they are ready. I said I would contact the teams regarding this.

Saints – Ian and Ben
Raiders – Luke
Nam an – Huy Do
Japan – Kenjiro and Blessy
Olympique – Mika
Hotshots  – Leo
Sporting – Mark
FCFC – Hung

Hung – Finances
Leo – Website / IT
Ian – Waiver and Registrations
Mark – Fixtures and schedules

Everyone agreed that the current rules are fine and don’t need changing. I will send these out again soon, so familiarise yourself with them. Especially the rules regarding game POSTPONEMENTS and the 10 POINT DISCIPLINE rule.

It was agreed that all teams have no issues with the $200 season registration. This must be paid to Hung before the 7 a side cup.

All teams must pay their FINES ( yellow + red cards ) to Hung before the 7 a side cup or they will not be allowed to join.

Mark volunteered to create the fixtures for the SIFL.
Hung announced that we may have issues with Friday night bookings at CVA. Yet two slots on Saturdays and Sundays are not a problem.
Kenjiro mentioned Japan FC can still only play on Sundays.
Leo and Hotshots may still also need to play evening fixtures.


All teams agreed this was a good event. Hung will check CVA and TRAN THAI availability as well as allowing us to have GAME ON provide food and drink.
The league will cover FOOD and DRINK for all players at the cup.
Trophies won from last season will be handed to YBA and individual winners.

Date for 7 a side cup is saturday 16th september. SIFL teams ONLY and you are allowed to enter more than one team. Start preparing now so we can do the fixtures.

It was agreed that this season we would have an 11 a side cup running throughout the season.

The way this would work is ( dependent on how many teams we have ) by having the teams split into TWO GROUPS. Teams would play each other once to decide who finishes where. The top two teams from each group play each other in a knockout to decide who progresses to the Cup Final. Bottom two teams do the same to decides who progresses into the Plate Final.

This gives the opportunity for 4 winnable trophies this season. League, 7 a side, 11 a side Cup and Plate.

It was agreed that disciplinary actions would be separate for the league and cup ( IE – if you are red carded in the Cup – you miss the next cup game, not a league game )

It was agreed that the team that wins the League is presented with the trophy and medals at the pitch

It was agreed that ALL stats now be uploaded onto the SIFL website. Leo will send out an email with a demonstration on how to do this. The google drive will become defunct and no longer used.

ALL teams MUST send me their top goalscorers from last season so we can award this trophy at the cup.

Hung and myself will be following this up to ensure that ALL SIFL games are recorded and highlights uploaded to the website.

All new players must submit waivers to Ian. As agreed, any players registered after the 1st game of the season must pay 100K to Hung. This will go towards reporter fees etc.


The SIFL website needs to be utilised more often – teams need to contribute pictures, match reports etc.
Awareness of the SIFL needs to be raised to encourage more players / teams.
Ian mentioned GAME ON would be willing to offer 10% discounts to all league teams
Ian also mentioned a contact in Thailand who could perhaps get famous footballers to join in SIFL events.
Mark has already sent me a draft of the SIFL fixtures! Excitement levels are rising and I must say I can’t wait for the season to start!

Thanks again to everyone – lets keep working together and make this season one to remember for all players, managers, sponsors and teams!

Best regards,

SIF Chairman @Luke
+84 1 222 6464 02


Hello SIFL!

This Saturday is the annual SIFL Cup, contested in a 7 a side format and played at Tran Thai Fields in District 7.

The committee this year decided to keep the SIFL Cup open only to teams involved in the upcoming SIFL league.

The teams battling it out for glory on Saturday are;

Fighting Cocks FC
SAIGON Hotshots
Nam An FC
SEA Collection
Sporting FC
Arsenal Artist FC





Some are entering TWO teams and others are going with just the one.

Teams are split into two groups of 6 teams, ensuring a lot of football throughout the day!

I would like to extend a big thank you to GAME ON who are setting up at the fields and providing quality food and drink for all the players and supporters!

The first games kick off at 8:30AM and we hope to be handing out trophies by around

3:30PM – so head on down whenever and enjoy the action!


Only 2 Weeks to SIFL Cup!


Remembering 2015 

Another sunny day in Saigon and 16 of the top teams in the country stepped onto the field to do battle again for bragging rights going into the 2015-2016 SIFL (Saigon International Football League) Season. Starting at 8:30am and ending at 5pm meant that it was going to be a ferocious and action packed day for any team that wanted to win the title.
Of the 16 teams entering this year there were a some top ranked teams in African Team, Olympic, Place in Saigon, Hotshots, and Nam An. However the other 11 teams didn’t seem to care about the odds and all teams played to win on the day in every match.
Surprisingly through the group stage, we saw some teams that were not able to do quite as well as expected and this opened the door for one team in particular, with Saigon Fusion finishing the group stage ranked 2nd overall. However, and quite unexpectedly Nam An was in in the group of death and found its way into the lower division for the playoffs.
The Plate division was nothing to scoff at though, with top level play from all the teams, some of whom were unlucky in their earlier group stages. The action was intense and through the semi finals both Raiders and Nam An advanced to have a showdown in the final. The game was ultimately decided by some crafty play from the Nam An Squad though, winning the final by a score of 3 – 1. Both teams put out a great showing though and Raiders well earned the second place, just as Nam An earned their win.\

The Cup division was a bit more tense, due in part to the heat of the day, but also because many teams knew the competition could go to any of the teams. The quarterfinals were tough fought matches seeing Hotshots, Place in Saigon, African Team, and Saigon Fusion through to the semifinals. There, African Team was able to pull out a win over Hotshots with determination and physical dominance after a hard fought second half. Place in Saigon and Fusion went the full distance and a late yellow card sent a player off for Fusion that helped send the game into penalties. Place in Saigon advanced, but the match could have gone either way if not for some great goal keeping by both sides.
The 3rd place game saw Saigon Fusion and Hotshots battle it out for the last trophy. Both teams wanted it, but Fusion had exhausted a lot of energy playing in a game immediately proceeding this and fell a little short on players. Take nothing away from Hotshots though, they earned the trophy and worked hard all day with the help of the league MVP who made a late appearance.

The final was of course the battle royal that everyone had been waiting for. The first half saw tight and strong play with both teams showing strength at different points. However in the second half Place in Saigon went of top with about 5 minutes remaining. Then the unthinkable happened, and one of the African Team players was sent off for a hard tackle. However, the determination of the African Team players somehow saw them constantly attacking and with less than 1 minute to go they scored the equalizer and sent the game into overtime.
There it was again back and forth, both teams making mad dashes to get the golden goal that would end the tournament. Tournament MVP Keeper Michel even had a go at it, leaving the box and running nearly the length of the field in an attempt that almost went it.
In the end it went to penalties, and there Place in Saigon was able to put the first goal in. African team took the spot, and the ball was saved with some great timing by the keeper. Second shot, place in Saigon scored again. Now the pressure was on the African team to score, and as the kick was taking place the crowd was absolutely silent. The shot was a rocket, hitting the crossbar, bouncing down and on the line, and then out of the goal. The crowd went crazy, some in disbelief, some in joy, but it was over.
Place in Saigon had won the SIFL SUPER 7s CUP, and it was a well played game by both teams. If it had gone longer without penalties, it could have easily gone the other way. However, it was an exciting end to a great day of football, and the fans got what they came for at the end of it all!
The awards ceremony followed and most of the teams stayed around to find out about the special awards and league awards as well which were awarded by the SIFL Chairman Justin Colebrissi. After the event we caught up with Justin and he said, “What a day of football! This day was possible thanks in large part to all the teams that supported us today, but also the individuals and friendships that came together to help us through everything. We really appreciate all the hard work that went into making this happen.”

So there you have it. A great day of football and the SIFL season ended in great fashion again. We look forward to the summer of training, events, and SIFL 2015-2016 season which will get underway in September again!